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Nominating a Horse

Thank you for considering nominating your horse to our 2024 Fall Classic Breeders’ Sale!

Our job is to present information on your horse to many prospective buyers through our online platform. In order to do this, we need your help with as much high-quality marketing material that you have available, including show video, professional show photos and well-written catalogue notes on your horse’s accomplishments, in addition to the material we will create through our Presentation Day videos and photography.

On the Presentation days, it is paramount that you present a well-prepared, professionally turned-out horse.  In the online space, first impressions are everything, and we are excited to work with you to create the best possible first impression of your horse! On acceptance into the sale, you will receive a package with more details.

Any questions please contact

Seller Declaration

Each nomination must be accompanied by a Seller's Declaration at time of nomination. Completed declarations can be submitted alongside the online nomination form, or direct to

Pre-Purchase Exam Forms

After a nominated horse is accepted into the sale, each consigned horse will need to have completed a Pre-Purchase Exam (PPE) using the following form. PPEs are time-sensitive and must be completed within the published time frame or will be considered ineligible for use. X-rays can be taken 6 months prior to sale date.

PPE - Yearlings and 2-year-olds

PPE - Broodmares and Foals

PPE - Performance and Undersaddle Horses

Online Nomination Form

Nominations for the 2024 Fall Classic Breeders' Sale are now open.

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