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Sale Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

 To be Acknowledged by All Participating Parties 

1. TERMS OF SALE ARE CASH, Cheque, Etransfer or Wire and payment is due within 48hrs of receipt of invoice. The right of property, including physical possession of the horse and registration papers, shall not pass to the buyer until after the settlement is complete. The seller will pay all registration ownership transfer fees, according to Canadian law. 


2. The images presented of each horse are believed to be accurate representations of the individual animals and the information presented is provided by the seller and believed to be true and accurate. All horses are sold as is. Right of recourse must be directed to the seller and not to CWHBA or Sale Management. 


3. PPE information on each horse is provided to the best of knowledge of the seller and best practice of the attending Veterinarian and are believed to be true. The Auction house and Sale administration make no claims regarding horse health or soundness and assumes no responsibility if the information received is inaccurate. It is the buyers responsibility to do their due diligence by reviewing the information provided. 


4. The Canadian Warmblood Auction office will process the transfer of registration papers after settlement is complete. 


5. Each horse will be sold to the highest bidder as determined by the auction site at the close of the lot, the decision is final. 


6. It is to be clearly understood that Canadian Warmblood Auction, Clip My Horse and the Canadian Warmblood Association and staff or contractors of each are only acting as a medium between buyer and seller and are not in any way responsible for any failure of either party to live up to their obligations. Neither do they assume any financial obligations to collect or enforce collection of any monies between parties. Any legal action that may be taken, in exceptional cases, must be between buyer and seller. 


7. A sale by auction is complete once the timer has completed for the Lot number. Timers count down in staggered closing sequences starting with Lot 0 

8. Reserve bids placed by the seller are permitted prior to Lot close and placed at the seller’s sole discretion. 


9. GST will be charged on horses sold according to Canadian law, based on whether or not the seller is a GST registrant. 


10. The Auction house reserves the right to reject any or all bids. 


11. The sale committee reserves the right to reject any or all bids. 


12. Prospective buyer will be permitted to ride undersaddle horses for tryouts by contacting the seller. Rules/Regulations of the seller’s facility, including waivers signed, must be followed. Neither the Sales Admin, Auction House or Association assumes any responsibility in this matter and disclaims any liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of accident or loss of property. 


13. Horses are insured for the purchase price by BFL Insurance, by CWHBA, for 10 days post sale after which each animal becomes the risk of the purchaser. 


14. Horses staying at the sellers facility longer than 10 days MUST have insurance extended at the expense of the buyer. 


15. Assistance may be given in making shipping arrangements after the sale but no risk is assumed by the Sales Administration, Auction House, Committee Members or Seller. Expenses incurred are the responsibility of the purchaser. 


16. Should the buyer fail to comply in any respect with all conditions above, the Sale Management may, at its discretion, pursue any remedy available against the defaulting buyer, including, but not limited to, taking possession of the horse(s) and resale of the horse(s) at public auction or by private treaty for account of the defaulter. In such a case, the defaulter shall be liable for any deficit in the account after payment of all costs of maintenance and resale, attorney fees, costs of litigation, and damages available to seller by law. 


17. The above terms and conditions of the sale shall constitute a contract between the buyer and the seller and be equally binding to both. Resale of animals following the purchase in this sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected thereto are not covered by the terms and conditions of this sale.

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