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Eligible Horses

Basic Eligibility


Horses eligible for nomination must be registered Canadian Warmblood (CWHBA) or with another recognized Warmblood registry: 

Warmblood registries which are recognized with WBFSH, but not limited to:

  • AES

  • Belgium (BWP) 

  • Danish (DWB)

  • Dutch (KWPN)

  • Hanoverian (AHHS, Han)

  • Holsteiner 

  • Oldenburg (GOC + OS)

  • Selle Francais (ANSF)

  • Swedish (SWB) 

  • Trakehner 

  • Westfalan (WESTF) 

  • Zangersheide (ZANG)


Providing horses meet CWHBA standards for warmblood registration:

  • Canadian Sport Horse (CSHA)

  • Oldenburg Registry North America (ISR – OLD) 

Limiting Criteria 


  • Priority will be given to CWHBA registered horses at the discretion of the Sale Committee

  • Special consideration MAY be given to horses with an exceptional show record or with siblings from the direct mother-line with exceptional show records 

  • Approximately 45 lots will be accepted for the 2024 Fall Classic Breeder’s Sale 

  • Other Limiting Criteria may be based off of Performance and/or Pedigree – including but not limited to dam approval scores and stallion approval/licensing 

  • All selections are at the sole discretion of the Sale Committee 

  • In your nomination, please include as much information as possible about your horse’s performance record, schooling shows, ability (free jump video for a jumper prospect or free movement for dressage prospects where it would be an asset), other noteworthy siblings out of the dam-line and any other pertinent information for the selection committee to make their decision

  • The classifications for the categories are as follow with age as of January 1st of the year of nomination: 

Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 09.33.20.png
Nomination Information 


  • All owners agree that by nominating their horse(s) they will provide the sale with all required veterinarian documentation including: x-rays, EIA, insurance forms, vaccination record, medication form and videoed flexion tests (horses 3 and older). These will be sent to the admin team ON TIME. Failure to do so will forfeit all fees and your horse will not be sold through the sale. 

  • All owners agree that by nominating their horse(s) they will allow them to be tested for any banned substances according to the Equine Canada Medication Control Committee. Every horse must have blood drawn at their PPE and it must be held by the sellers vet for 45 days after the sale. 

  • Where the owner of a horse is a partnership, limited company, ranch or farm, all legal signatories must sign the nomination form and sale Terms and Conditions. 

  • All truthful information and representations of the horses consigned are the sole responsibility of the seller or agent  of the seller, as per the sale Terms and Conditions. 

  • The seller acknowledges they have read and agree to the full sale Terms and Conditions. 

  • All original papers for North American breed registries must be turned into our office no later than the presentation days, along with the corresponding, signed transfer of ownership forms. European Passports/papers should be transferred directly to the buyer. 

  • Proof of transfer will be required for sale disbursement to take place. In the case of a pending registration, the registration form must be completed, DNA included (20 hairs from the root) with the DNA form and proof of submission to the respective registry sent in to our office no later than (DATE)

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